Palisade Fence

Are you looking for a steel palisade fence? Private villas and courtyard fences are popular in many cities, mostly made of wooden panels. It consists of three parts: fence board, horizontal stripboard and fence post.


Product Description

Palisade Fence

Palisade fence widely accepted as the industry leader to protect and deter general attack from all types and conditions of intrusion. The pales are made of hot formed and cold rolled steel belts. These belts offer both strength and rigidity combined with a long life span. Palisade normally produce three types of pales, "W" profile, "D" profile and angle iron.

A security palisade fence is a very effective perimeter protection. We have many different options to cover all levels of security and price. Pallisade fences are designed to provide a strong, durable barrier to intruders. This makes it one of our best-selling security fencing options. Our fences are made of high-quality steel with coatings such as galvanized, and are available in a variety of specifications to meet your different levels of security needs. Zhaoxuan is a manufacturer of fences and accessories, providing various wire mesh products such as palisade fencing, fence gatessafety mesh, etc., and is committed to providing you with all security solutions for wire mesh.

The structure and characteristics of the fence

The palisade provides you with all-round security, the fence is assembled from various components, the operation is simple, the overall structure is strong and stable, while preventing climbing and protecting the safety of the place. Welded fences are often supplied in kits. Its design allows the fence to be erected so that it can follow the contours of the ground. Bolted posts for fixing to concrete are also available.

Palisade fences material

1. Hot dipped galvanized steel palisade fencing

2. PVC security palisade fence panel

Our fences have a good-looking appearance and can be combined with a variety of metal fences. Please send us your requirements for palisade fence specifications or custom fences, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Palisade fence dimensions





Pale Size

D Type 65mmx3mm

Rail Size


H post Size



M8x30mm, M12x30mm

Fish Plate

On request

More sizes, customized according to requirements.

Why is palisade fencing used?

The use of safety fences is mainly for decoration and safety protection as the main purpose. The palisade fence is popular in British, Ireland. With the improvement of life level, people take more attention to living quality, the barrier with modern design can meet your needs, enable your life sunny and bright. The different color could take you the rest and could let heart silence within the hot work. It could take you a safe life, also beautify your living spaces. Its high erosion resistance full the shortage that normal steel barrier is easy to rust.


Generally, fences are widely used, and fences are mainly used for:

1. Palisade fences are mainly used for highways, highways, and the protective belts on both sides of bridges next to highways as fences.

2. They can also be used for safety protection of airports, ports, and docks, parks, lawns, zoos, pools, roads, and roads in municipal construction.

3. Isolation and protection of residential areas, protection and decoration products of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, and entertainment venues. 

Pay attention when buying fences

1. Fence column specifications, wall thickness.

2. The size of the net frame of the net sleeping, the size of the net frame.

3. The wire warp of the mesh and the size of the mesh. Avoid wire mesh manufacturers cutting corners in the production process.

Safety fences are very popular in the UK and Ireland. We can provide British standard palisade fence to enhance the security of your premises and you will get a high quality fencing product. Contact us for the best priceļ¼

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