What Are the Functions of Gabion Fence?

Dec. 03, 2020

Gabion Fence products have good applications in many water conservancy projects. So do you know what function it has? Next, our gabion basket supplier will give you a brief introduction.

Good water permeability. The filling in the cage is pebbles. The pebbles are very loose with many holes in the middle to promote the exchange of rainwater and groundwater. After groundwater infiltrates into the soil, it can be effectively drained through gabion nets, thereby reducing groundwater. The high water level can also reduce the groundwater pressure on the walls and slopes, and timely drainage can reduce the possibility of wall damage. At the same time, the gabion net has good deformability and can cushion impact.

The overall stability of the gabion net is woven from Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh, even if it is partially damaged, the overall performance will not be affected. The gabion net has a certain deformation ability, and the whole project can be connected into a whole without joints. Even if the parts are uneven, the whole will not be broken.

The construction method is relatively simple. The manufacturer produces the gabion net as a semi-finished product, and then places the gabion net on the excavated foundation pit according to the drawings, connects the gabion net into a whole, and then starts to fill the filler, and finally covers the upper cover and the gabion net. The construction and operation are simple and not affected by the weather.

Gabion Fence

Gabion Fence

Strong impact resistance. After testing, the impact resistance of the gabion net structure is more than twice that of the ordinary protective wall. Affected by the scouring current, even if the stones in the gabion mat are displaced due to impact, the overall performance will not be affected. The gabion net is a flexible structure, and there are some holes between the filled stones in the box. When the peaks of wind and waves hit the gabion net, the waves will be crushed, thereby reducing the impact of the waves. When the wave recedes, due to the holes between the cages, the vacuum suction of the wave is destroyed, and the damage to the gabion net is reduced.

What should be paid attention to when installing stone cages?

1. Before installing the gabion net cage, the bank slope and ground of the gabion net must be trimmed. The original slope shape should be maintained as much as possible, but there should be no obvious protrusions and depressions.

2. It is usually erected around the gabion net and tightened with a tie line or on the adjacent side. In this way, the binding thread can be wound on two overlapping frame threads and must be tightened.

3. When installing the gabion net, it must be placed in an appropriate position to prevent vertical or horizontal stitching.

4. After installing the gabion net, you must choose suitable pebbles to fill the river water according to the requirements. But it must meet the size of the gap to ensure that the gabion net has a linear shape after installation.

The above are the functions of the gabion net introduced by our Gabion Fence Supplier. Hope our introduction is helpful to you. If you want to learn more about Gabion, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional services.

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