Some Ways to Improve the Security of Chain Link Fence

Dec. 27, 2021

Chain link fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing in the world. Hundreds of thousands of miles are installed around the world, and we sell tens of thousands of feet of chain link fence each year. However, while hooked fencing is cost effective, durable, forgiving of small grade changes, and quick to install, there are still some safety tweaks that can be made to make it a better barrier. Here's our list of the most important things you can do to enhance the safety of your hook-and-loop fence installation.

1. Know your specifications

Hookup fencing comes in different sizes, or diameters of wire. The smaller the number, the thicker the wire. Thus, #6 wire is much thicker than #9 wire, while #11 wire is only suitable for light residential applications.

Some Ways to Improve the Security of Chain Link Fence

2. Choosing the right edging

A variety of edging options are available for hook-and-loop woven fabrics. Fencing materials for residential projects and public spaces 6 feet high or less are typically "knotted", meaning that the top and bottom edging has fully curved wire with no sharp ends. This is important for safety.

Safety fencing devices for hook-and-loop fencing usually use knotted scars or, in a few cases, barbs. If installed properly, this will add a little extra security to the top (and sometimes the bottom) of the fence.

3. Barbed Wire

Razor coils are not legal in most parts of Canada, but when they are, they are a very effective deterrent and barrier.

However, barbed wire can be installed on most fences, and three or six strands of barbed wire above a chain link fence can provide a little extra protection and a small reason not to climb the fence.

4. Consider a bottom fence

Fences are not always broken by climbing over them. Sometimes people choose to get underneath the fence, especially for those older chain link fences that have had snow on the bottom of the fence for several years, and it may become easier to do so over time. Adding a bottom rail to your fence creates a rigid edge that is more difficult to maneuver.

5. Steel fittings

Another great way to enhance the safety of your hook and loop fence is to choose steel fittings. These fittings are a little tougher than cast aluminum, but that doesn't make them a higher security option. High-security fences like prison fences use steel fittings because they can be welded into place after installation is complete - making it harder for people to tamper with the fence.

Some Ways to Improve the Security of Chain Link Fence

6. Tighter posts

This isn't a common variation on chain link fences, but if you're concerned that people might cut the fence and drive through the opening (which is usually 10 feet wide and can accommodate smaller cars!) ), you might consider spacing the posts closer together. 7 or 8 foot post spacing will make it much more difficult to get into any location using this sneaky trick!

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