Peach Shape Post

Cheap price Hot dipped galvanized powder coated mushroom shape post


Product Description


With particular and fashionable design, groove style, there are some pothooks, the fence and post are jointed by the pothook of  the post.It is easy and safe.

Popular Specifications

General   Thickness


Section   Specification

100mm*70mm,   70mm*50mm

General   Height


Suitable   Fence

3D   curved wire mesh fence;Double wire fence


Surface Treatment

Using high quality metal strip,the surface treatment usually can be galvanized,then powder top coating.The thickness of powders coating is 100-120 microns.


Fixing Manner

The fence and post are joined by the pothook of the post,and there is a plastic cap on the top.You can choose different fixing manners,such as 1.burying 30-40cm into the earth, be fastened with the bottom fitting on the cement floor3.hanging in the wall.


Road and transit (highway, railway, road, city transit)

Science & Industry Zone (factory, industry zone, sightseeing zone, new pattern farm)

Private grounds (courtyard, villadom )

Public grounds (park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn)

Commercial grounds (corporation, hotel, supermarket)

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