6 Important Uses of Wire Mesh

Nov. 07, 2022

Wire mesh plays an important role in the construction process due to its durability, high strength, and dense mesh spacing.


We have discussed 6 uses of wire mesh in the construction industry to help you determine if you need wire mesh.


Wire Mesh

wire mesh

1. Security Fencing

One of the main uses of wire mesh is to protect the perimeter of a construction site. Surrounding the area with barbed wire as a barricade can help keep workers safe and prevent civilians from wandering around the construction site.

In addition, wire fencing ensures the safety of workers from hazards, injuries, and construction accidents.


2. Barricades

Wire mesh sheets are used as barricades for different heavy equipment used in construction, ensuring that your expensive equipment is protected from damage and theft. In addition to this, wire mesh sheets can also be used to demarcate areas for construction vehicles and equipment.


3. Concrete reinforcement

Wire mesh can increase the strength of concrete structures such as slabs, columns, and concrete roads. Wire mesh holds the material together as they occur. They act as a heavy-duty core and reinforce structural integrity.

And wire mesh is more affordable, durable, and quicker to install than steel reinforcement. It helps prevent concrete cracks from occurring.  


4. Road Maintenance

Wire mesh for roads and highways has many advantages. Welded wire mesh consists of high-yield steel, which can even exceed the strength of steel bars. Workers can use wire mesh to ease traffic congestion and reduce lane closures.


5. Storage

Wire mesh can be used as a divider for construction supplies, creating alternative storage for workers' construction materials.

For example, workers around construction sites create wire mesh storage racks for personal protective equipment such as gloves, helmets, safety undershirts, goggles, and shoes. This also makes it easy for them to organize their equipment and supplies because they can easily be seen in the wire mesh storage racks.


6. Temporary Retaining Walls

Some construction projects may require temporary retaining walls to complete the project in phases. It is economical to use wire mesh for welded wire walls as temporary retaining walls. Because wire mesh does not require expensive equipment and labor to install, it can be easily installed or removed when temporary retaining walls are no longer needed.


So are you ready to use wire mesh in your business? Feel free to contact us for a free quote!

6 Important Uses of Wire Mesh

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