How to Install the Fence Column?

Sep. 17, 2022

In the installation process of the fence, one of the more important steps is the installation of the column. The installation of the column is related to the normal use of the whole fence, so in the installation of the column should be extra careful. Please follow Zhaoxuan to understand it!


The types of fence columns are roughly divided into the following categories.


1. Round tube fence column


Round tube column on both sides of the welded fence network connection attachment is often said to be the side ears. Convenient anti-theft screw link. This column is suitable for bilateral wire fence, frame fence, for highway, railroad protection.

Round tube fence column


2. Square tube column


Square tube on both sides welded with flat iron stamping fence connection accessories, column bottom welded flange, in order to fix the column. Used for: bilateral wire fence, frame fence.


Square tube column


3. Peach-shaped column


There are bending grooves on both sides of the column, which is easy to catch the fence mesh and make it beautiful. Suitable for triangle bending fence, mainly used for garden, community protection, etc.


Peach-shaped column

4. Trapezoidal column


The column itself is welded with trapezoidal tube, so that the life of the column is greatly increased and the aesthetic effect is greatly enhanced. Suitable for bending mesh, bilateral wire mesh, frame fence, etc., mainly used in power plants, construction, industrial temporary protection.


5. Y-shaped column


This column is named because of its shape. Column using round tube, square tube, etc., the top is welded into a Y-shaped, the advantage is: both beautiful, can also be hooked on the razor barbed wire greatly enhance the security performance of the barbed wire fence. Applicable to: airports, prison protection.


Y-shaped column

6. Dovetail column


This column is simple to weld mainly using the connection between the card and the mesh. The column is suitable for Dutch fence, wave mesh fence, for temporary and simple protection.


There are mainly two ways to install the column, one is pre-buried installation, one is to play expansion screws fixed installation.


1. First of all, the most basic zinc steel fence column fixing method is to weld the base plate under the column, and then fixed with expansion screws. This way is generally used column installation location is a strong place, can eat expansion screws, because the column fixed mainly rely on expansion screws.


2. Another is the way of pre-buried, pre-buried is also divided into many kinds, one is the direct pre-buried, in the cement wall above the hole, pre-buried a few centimeters after pouring with cement. The most solid approach is to pour the cement wall, directly bury the column into it, so that the zinc steel fence column and the cement wall as a whole is the best.


3. There is another is before the installation of zinc steel fence fence, pouring cement wall pre-buried pieces, on the zinc steel fence fence can put the kind of pre-buried can be used to assemble the column way, so that later will save a lot of labor.


Because the column is the whole zinc steel fence support point, is the whole zinc steel fence force and strength are dependent on the column to maintain, this is a typical short board effect, so even if your zinc steel fence tube with thicker, accessories with good, as long as your column is not fixed solid, that the whole fence installation is a failure, there will be security risks.


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