6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Fence This Summer

Jul. 26, 2021

It's summer vacation time. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get some work done around the house and yard, and your fence products is no exception. So here are some ways to take care of your home's privacy fence that I want to share with you.

3D Curved Wire Mesh Fence1,Clean thoroughly

Dirt, pollen, rain and other substances that get on your fence can cause discoloration and deterioration. This is especially true when we cut the grass, which can send grass clippings flying over your fence. Cleaning your fence with a garden hose and soft cloth each summer helps remove most of the debris. Your fence will look like new and refreshed. 

2,Rust Prevention

Metal has an instinct to rust. Your wire fence may rust, too. Fortunately, there are many protective and preventive measures you can take to prevent rusting. Apply wax oil to your fence, especially in areas that come into regular contact with sprinkler systems. If rust is already on your garden fence, you can wipe off the rust and repaint it.

3,Painting and Staining

Wooden fences provide plenty of beauty and style. These fences are sometimes painted or primed, and may be damaged by sun and rain. Taking the time to repair peeling paint can help protect the fence and make it last for years to come. 

4,Test the solidity

Check your fence for instability. The posts of your fence may become loose with soil erosion. Test them for wobbliness by shaking them with your hands. After all, you don't want the fence to be blown over by strong winds. 

Palisade Fence5,Find broken pieces

Even though our fences are strong and made of high-quality materials, they can still be damaged in many ways. From hail to falling tree limbs, fences can be damaged in a variety of ways. Gates can also fall in pieces when they are handled roughly.

6,Keep up with maintenance

Once your fence has been in use for a few years, it's easy to forget about cleaning, checking for rust and defects, and keeping up with the lubricated hinges on the gate. However, your fence is an investment and should be treated like one. Getting into the habit of casually looking at your fence in the yard and setting up cleaning or painting reminders is a great way to stay on top of any problems that may arise.

Depending on the type of fence you have, your maintenance will look different, so if you need professional fence repair or installation, call the fence company ZHAOXUAN!

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